bumps on humpback whale flippers


free software for the design and analysis of marine propellers and horizontal-axis turbines

Biangunilateration using azimuth, elevation, and depth difference to localize submerged assets

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White shark strike on a long-range AUV in Monterey Bay

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Rotation Identification in Geometric Algebra: Theory and Application to the Navigation of Underwater Robots in the Field

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Sensor alignment using rotors in Geometric Algebra

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Hydrodynamic effects of leading-edge tubercles on control surfaces and in flapping foil propulsion

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I grew up in the Rockies before heading to the East Coast for school. At MIT I enjoyed undergrad research in the Ocean Engineering Teaching Laboratory and helped run the Discover Ocean Engineering pre-orientation program. I tinkered with propellers and flapping foils in the water tunnel until I earned my master’s degree, then moved down to WHOI for my doctorate. As part of the Deep Submergence Lab, I was lucky enough to participate in five oceanographic research cruises, with the AUVs ABE and Sentry, and the Jason II ROV. Then for a few years I worked from shore on Tethys-class long-range AUVs.

I contribute to or maintain some homebrew formulas (like LCM) and packages on the Arch User Repository.

I believe map projections should be about half Robinson, a third Winkel tripel, two-sevenths Dymaxion, and the rest Van Der Grinten.


  • @mjstanway on Keybase.
  • California, 95010, USA, North America, Earth